Camera: Nikon D3s
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure: 1/125th
Focal Length: 135mm
Exif Five Reasons to Vote Out Virginia Rep Eric Cantor
1- He is anti-Worker. 
Voted No to raising the national minimum wage
Wants to end overtime pay for hourly workers
Wouldn’t allow vote (or even a debate) on jobs bill
2- He is anti-American.
He puts politics before country
Would rather America suffer than give Obama a political win
He proudly takes credit for the Sequester
3- He is anti-Woman.
Voted to restrict women’s access to abortion
Voted against the Fair Pay act & Employment descrimination act
Violence Against Women Act
4- He is anti-Morality.
While claiming a moral high ground as his main reasoning for being anti-choice, morality doesn’t seem to play a roll in any of his other decisions. He admits he was driving force behind the sequester which put furloughs on almost 90,000 jobs in his home state of Virginia alone. Nothing says morality like putting people out of work over a political agenda.
Voted No on Iraq troop withdrawal, continuing unemployment benefits and the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act
5- Eric Cantor isn’t a racist but…
Key issue with VAWA: Protects Native women 
Proud supporter of Redmap: Targeting Black voters
Voted No on the Housing Foreclosure Assistance Program for those who were unlawfully targeted with sub-prime loans: Biggest effect on Black and Latino citizens.
During the last election between Rep Cantor and Wayne Powell, N*gger Lover was spray painted on one of Powell’s offices. Cantor didn’t see any reason to speak out against the actions.

Five Reasons to Vote Out Virginia Rep Eric Cantor

1- He is anti-Worker. 

2- He is anti-American.

3- He is anti-Woman.

4- He is anti-Morality.

5- Eric Cantor isn’t a racist but…

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