TW: Cissexism (In order to keep this post as accurate as possible, I used the exact wording whenever possible. In most cases, it refers to people that can get pregnant as ‘women.’ I do apologize for any hurt this may cause.)

5 Reasons to be Pro-Choice 

1. 47,000 women die yearly from complications of unsafe abortions. Millions more are injured.

2. That “Only whores have abortions” trope? Not so much-6 of 10 people having abortions already have at least one child and are having the abortion because they understand what having a child means. They are having an abortion because they know, for sure, that they can’t handle it.

3. Can’t afford an abortion but you think they can afford a child? 7 of 10 would have had their abortions earlier. They waited as long as they did because they were raising money. Many reporting that they have to borrow money from friends/family in order to have the abortion.

4. Race has everything to do with it. Racially, the same locations where there are poor educational systems, there are higher rates of unintended pregnancies. Keeping a specific group uneducated and refusing to let them have abortions is a key component of keeping them in poverty. 

5. As much as 75% of all abortions being carried out are unsafe. Making abortion illegal does not stop it from occurring- it just forces women to obtain clandestine and unsafe procedures.

This is far to serious an issue to stop there. Let’s keep going…

5 MORE reasons to be pro-choice

Women who wanted abortions but were turned away because their pregnancies had advanced past the gestational limit in their state were…

1. More likely to rely on government assistance than those who’d obtained abortions.

2. More likely to be living below the poverty line than those who’d obtained abortions.

3. Less likely to have a full time job than those who’d obtained abortions.

4. Reporting more anxiety a week after they were denied an abortion than those who’d obtained abortions.

5. Reported more stress a year after being denied an abortion than those who’d obtained abortions.

Why stop there? Here are 5 more reasons

Contrary to right wing propaganda…

1. 97% of women who get abortions don’t regret it.

2. They were no more or less likely to be depressed.

3. Women who gave birth suffer from more serious health complications-from hemorrhaging to a fractured pelvis-than the women who aborted, even later in their pregnancies.

4. The women who were turned away were more than twice as likely to be a victim of domestic abuse as those who were able to abort.

5. Men were no more or less likely to stay with a women who had an abortion than one who was turned away from having one.

Guttmacher Institute: Abortion

The Turn Away Study

Guttmacher Infographics

Additional information about the Turn Away Study

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