Five Reasons to Vote Out Arkansas Rep Tom Cotton   
1. He gives hypocrisy a new name.
He is the sole sponsor of the bill H.R. 2239: Stop Court-Packing Act. The purpose of this bill is to stop President Obama from “Packing” the  U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The hypocrisy here is that the court in question is literally “Packed” with Republicans and this bill’s actual purpose is to keep the court “Packed.”
2. He isn’t a fan of protecting assault victims.
Voted against Violence Against Women Act.
3. He stands against his own constituents.
On Farm Bill, Tom Cotton Chooses Washington Special Interests Over Arkansas – Votes With Club For Growth & Against Fellow Arkansas Republicans
4. He believes in “blood guilt.”
He wanted to automatically punish anyone who violated US Sanctions with Iran with no judge, jury, trial or court. As bad as that is, he didn’t stop there. He also believes that we should equally punish the spouse, children, parents, cousins, ect of said supposed “Criminal.”
5. He isn’t homophobic but…
He fully supports DOMA and believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and this belief should be governmentally enforced.

Five Reasons to Vote Out Arkansas Rep Tom Cotton   

1. He gives hypocrisy a new name.

2. He isn’t a fan of protecting assault victims.

3. He stands against his own constituents.

4. He believes in “blood guilt.”

5. He isn’t homophobic but…

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